Accredited Cell Processing

An Accredited Cell Processing Enterprise


Thanks to the Act on the Safety of Regenerative Medicine, CellBank is now a fully accredited cell processing enterprise. In November 2015 we received our official Accreditation in Cell Processing from the MLHW (institution no. FA5130017). As an accredited institution we manage everything from cultivation and cell storage to institutional support at our large-scale Cell Processing Center in central Tokyo.


Our Cell Processing Center runs on the highest standards of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) outlined in the Act on the Safety of Regenerative Medicine. Health and safety is the backbone of our Quality Assurance system. Everything from air quality to cell handling practices are carefully managed to ensure that we only deliver the highest quality cells for treatment at our partner clinics.

New developments are a big part of the work that happens at our CPC. We’re always working to meet the needs of our partner clinics with new cultivation methods and new treatments.

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