Ideals & Vision

Cellbank’s Ideals

  • ・Giving the utmost consideration to public interest and our social responsibility
  • ・A strong sense of bioethics
  • ・Devotion to safe medical practices
  • ・Consistent emphasis on legal compliance
  • ・Improving Quality of Life
  • ・Improving our hospitality service

Cellbank’s Vision

CellBank seeks to contribute to the betterment of modern society through our work as a leading company in the field of regenerative medicine.

Cellbank’s Vision

Cellbank In The Marketplace

Looking towards the future, the medical field is turning its focus to cases that until recently were thought untreatable, or not even worth the concern of a hospital visit. Yet with so many diseases that have been near impossible to cure with conventional treatment methods, research into new forms of medicine is rapidly advancing the development of the medical field.

Among these advancements is regenerative medicine. Using the body’s cells to create new tissue and organs to restore once-capable bodily functions lost to age and/or illness, regenerative medicine offers solutions to a range of formerly incurable ailments. This is the next generation of medical treatment.

Within the rapidly expanding market for regenerative medicine, CellBank is moving onto a new stage. As an accredited cell processing company, we are moving forward with our cell cultivation technology as a leader in the new age of medicine.

Cellbank In The Marketplace y