Strategic Business Development

Our Business Strategy

As Japan’s leading company in regenerative medicine, our vision is to make groundbreaking regenerative treatments safe and accessible for everyone.

Expanding The Market

The market for regenerative medicine has been growing steadily in Japan with more and more clinics offering regenerative treatments every year. At CellBank we offer comprehensive support for clinics across the country to make regenerative treatments affordable and easy. We provide clinics with low cost, high quality cells so patients everywhere can enjoy safe and effective treatments without risk.

Ongoing Projects At Cellbank

Growing Partnerships

We’re always working to support healthcare providers at our partner clinics to make sure regenerative treatments run smoothly for everyone. From institutional planning to operational support, we make it easy for clinics to bring regenerative medicine to patients everywhere.

New Horizons

More Cells, Greater Possibilities

For 18 years, CellBank has made regenerative skin treatments possible across Japan through our high quality cultivation of dermal fibroblast cells. Now we’re expanding our technology and our expertise to cultivate a growing list of cells for a whole new range of revolutionary treatments. To meet the needs of our partner clinics we now offer iPS cells, adipose-derived stem cells, cardiac stem cells, endometrial stem cells, and more!