Adipose-Derived Stem Cells


Effective Treatments
With A High Engraftment Rate


What Are Adipose-Derived Stem Cells?

Stem cells are pluripotent cells that can self replicate into any type of cell. The stem cells found in fat (adipose) tissue are known as adipose-derived stem cells.
These cells can easily replicate into self restoring fat tissue.

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Self Replication
Healing through self regeneration
Stem cells send signals to surrounding tissues to make new cells.
Creating different of cells

Stem cells can self-replicate into any type of cell.

Adipose-Derived Stem Cells At Work

Stem Cell

Stem Cell

  • Fat Tissue
    Fat Tissue

    Injected stem cells help prevent loss of fat tissue

  • Supporting Blood Vessels
    Supporting Blood Vessels

    Blood vessels bring nutrients and oxygen to fat tissue so more cells can survive

  • Building Blood Vessels
    Building Blood Vessels

    Stem cells send signals to surrounding tissues to make new blood vessels

  • Cells On Standby
    Cells On Standby

    Injected cells are easily damaged and have a shorter life span than normal cells

    When cells die nearby pluripotent stem cells are ready to become new adipose cells to prevent loss of fat tissue

Risks & Side Effects

Adipose injections often come with a risk of lumps forming in new tissue. These lumps are a result of engraftment failure, but stem cells have a high engraftment rate so there’s almost no risk of lumps with adipose-derived stem cells.
Supplemented cells are cultivated exclusively from each patient’s own fat tissue with no fillers, so the risk of painful foreign body reactions is very low.


Adipose-derived stem cells from CellBank are cultivated exclusively with blood plasma and cell samples from each individual patient. We never use animal fillers, so our cells come with no risk of side effects or exposure to harmful pathogens.

Treatment Possibilities

Cosmetic Enhancements

Body Making

Cosmetic enhancements using fat tissue can give the body new volume. Fat tissue extracted from ample areas is re-injected into weaker areas to give patients their ideal figure. A small figure has always been the norm in Japan, but more and more women are looking to a full figure as their ideal body shape. Cosmetic enhancements with adipose-derived stem cells make it easy for women to get the perfect figure naturally.

Body Making


Knee Joint Treatment

Adipose-derived stem cells can reduce inflammation and help patients manage chronic knee pain. Stem cell injections are simple and easy, so osteoarthritis patients no longer need to worry about risky surgeries or lengthy hospital visits.

Knee Joint Treatment


Face Lift Up

Adipose injections can help visibly reduce signs of aging by filling in wrinkles and giving skin new elasticity. Cosmetic results from adipose-derived stem cell treatment are long-lasting and effective, offering new anti-aging alternatives to inconsistent hyaluronic acid injections.

Face Lift Up

Why Use
Adipose-Derived Stem Cells?



Replace Lost Adipose Tissue

The life span of injected cells gradually decreases over time.
Stem cells supplement lost fat tissue by transforming into new adipose cells.

Why Do We Lose Fat Tissue?

Even if they’re from the patient’s own body, adipose cells injected into an area that didn’t originally have fat tissue will eventually be broken down and absorbed. This is a normal physiological reaction, but it can have a big effect on results of cosmetic treatments.

Normal Reaction
With Adipose-Derived Stem Cells
images Of Fat Tissue & Adipose-Derived Stem Cells

Basic Adipose Grafts vs. Adipose-Derived Stem Cells

Basic adipose tissue grafts usually have an engraftment rate of only 20~30%.
But grafts with cultivated adipose-derived stem cells can reach an engraftment rate of 70~80%.
Stem cells help grafted tissue hold its shape for effective cosmetic treatment.



Build New Blood Vessels

Stem Cell Growth Factors help build new blood vessels in injected tissue.

Why Build New Blood Vessels?

Blood vessels bring oxygen and vital nutrients to tissues. This helps injected cells reach a higher engraftment rate for more effective treatment.


Why Use Adipose Derived Stem Cells?

  • Higher Engraftment Rate
  • Fewer Complications
  • High Quality Cells
  • More Possibilities For Treatment With Cryopreservation

Adipose-Derived Stem Cells
Ensure Treatment With A High Engraftment Rate




Tissue Sampling

A small amount of fat tissue is sampled from areas with high body fat. Tissue sampling is carefully done using specialized tools for minimal scarring and local anesthesia is applied so patients feel no pain.

Tissue Sampling


Cell Cultivation

Stem cells are carefully cultivated from tissue samples at a nationally accredited CPC. Cultivation in a sterile environment can multiply stem cells up to a factor of 1,000. High cell yield helps ensure a high engraftment rate for effective treatment.

Cell Cultivation
Image Of Adipose-Derived Stem Cell
6 Weeks


Tissue Sampling

Another tissue sample is taken from areas with high body fat.

Tissue Sampling



Cultivated adipose-derived stem cells are added to fat tissue sampled in STEP 3 and injected into treatment area.

Same Day

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Cultivating Cells By A Factor Of 1,000.
High Engraftment Rates For Effective Treatments.

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