Development Projects

Regenerative medicine is one of the fastest growing fields in modern medicine, with new developments emerging each and every day. Here at CellBank we’re constantly working to make regenerative treatments accessible by promoting research & development into new treatment methods and new technologies.

Our Projects

New Cells
For New Treatments

Here at CellBank we’re working on developing new cultivation methods for new cells to meet the needs of patients at our partner clinics. These new cultivation methods are making an even greater number of regenerative treatments possible across the country. Building on existing cultivation technology, we’re adapting the unique qualities of each cell to cultivate the best treatments for our patients.

One of our new developments is a sustainable cultivation method using adipose-derived stem cells for post-cancer breast reconstruction.

We’re working on joint research projects with university hospitals, general hospitals and clinics across the country to make these new treatments possible. Thanks to these collaborative projects a new generation of safe, effective and accessible regenerative medicine is now a real possibility for patients all over Japan.

New Technologies

Regenerative medicine is constantly evolving. Here at CellBank we’re working to develop new technologies to make regenerative treatments more affordable, safe and effective. We’re always improving our cell cultivation methods and keeping our CPC up-to-date with the newest medical technology. As a leader in the field we strive for innovation across the board, from medicine to engineering to biology and more.

New technologies also mean new skills. We always make sure our Cultivation Specialists are properly trained at the highest standards of technical and scientific learning, and promote shared education of new regenerative technologies across the medical field.

Our Work

New Treatments

  • ・Dermal fibroblast cultivation
  • ・New method for refining PRP
  • ・Adipose-derived stem cell cultivation
  • ・Joint research projects
    (1 university hospital, 1 general hospital, and 2 clinics)

New Technologies

  • ・Low cost cell cultivation
  • ・Published research papers & cell cultivation patent
  • ・Support for evidence-based regenerative medicine
  • ・Public presentations at academic conferences