Business & Intellectual Property

Research & Development

Since its incorporation in 2004, CellBank has devoted itself to cutting-edge regenerative medicine. We’ve set our eyes on the Era of Regenerative Medicine that is sure to come.
While it has not always been smooth sailing, we are continually striving forward in our research and in our business with pride as a pioneer in this emerging field.

Business Affairs

  • ・Designated Cell Processing and Production
  • ・Comprehensive Support for Cultured Skin Cell Regenerative Treatment
  • ・Comprehensive Support for the Implementation of Regenerative Medicine in General Medical Facilities
  • ・Cell Preservation

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Patent Number
no. 3828905
Registration Date
August 5th, 2004
Cell Aggregation Suppressants Containing Local Anaesthesia Agent
Patent Number
no. 5100078
Registration Date
October 5th, 2012
Cryopreservation Method for the Storage of Tissue-Derived Cells


Registration Number
no. 5898798(T5898798)
Registration Date
November 25, 2016
Standard Characters
Type 1:
Processing and Production of Cells for Scientific Research (excluding medical and veterinary use)
Type 44:
Cosmetic Treatment