Safety & Quality Control

At CellBank We Offer
Fully Tailor-Made Treatments
For Every Patient

At CellBank our goal is to make regenerative treatments accessible for everyone.

We offer a wide variety of high quality, affordable cells: dermal fibroblasts, adipose-derived stem cells, endometrial cells, cardiac cells and more!

  • ・Safety & Quality Control
  • ・Careful Delivery
  • ・Long-Term Preservation
  • ・High Cell Yield
  • ・Fully Autologous Serum
  • ・Never Frozen, High Quality Cells

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Safety & Quality Control

CellBank is fully accredited in cell processing.

Ever since we first earned our accreditation from the MHLW in November 2015 (Institution No. FA3150017, renewed 2020) we’ve worked hard to cultivate our cells under the highest GMP standards at our CPC.

Our CPC runs on high quality human, scientific and technical quality control.

  • Overseeing cell cultivation
  • ・Comprehensive double-check system
  • ・Carefully controlling the cell cultivation environment
  • ・Monitoring for germs and other contaminants
  • ・Careful inspections
  • ・Individual identification tests
  • ・QR & barcodes
  • ・Regulated air conditioning to prevent cross-contamination
  • ・Strict institutional management

We make sure to provide certificates of quality inspection with each and every delivery, including:

  • ・Number of cells for grafting
  • ・Initial inspection of tissue samples
  • ・Outgrowth confirmation
  • ・Passage number (incl. for additional cells)
  • ・Final adjustment date (production date)
  • ・Final cell survival rate (final cell count)
  • ・Individual identification by gene VNTR
  • Endotoxin tests
  • ・Mycoplasma tests (negative)

Fully Autologous Serum

At CellBank we focus on tailor-made treatments. We never use animal-derived products and only cultivate cells using individual tissue samples sent to us by our partner clinics.

Each and every one of our patients receives cells cultivated in a fully autologous blood serum, eliminating the risk of side effects like FBR (foreign body response). This fully autologous serum helps us ensure that we’re always providing the safest, highest quality cells for treatment.

High Cell Yield

A high cell yield is a must-have for effective regenerative treatment. With our unique cultivation technologies, we can cultivate cells up to a factor of 10,000. At CellBank, we work hard to make sure that even the smallest tissue samples yield enough cells to give all of our patients the highest quality treatment available.

Careful Delivery

We use a carefully-selected medical delivery service to transport our cells to clinics for treatment. Temperature checks are regularly performed throughout transport to maintain ideal cell holding conditions.

Long-Term Preservation

Regenerative medicine is usually an ongoing process, so a steady supply of high quality cells is essential for effective, long-lasting treatment. At CellBank we have over 18 years of experience cultivating and storing cells with our unique cryopreservation technology.

Never Frozen, High Quality Cells

We always make sure to thaw cells for treatment at our own specialized CPC with expert care. Cells sent to our partner clinics are never frozen and always 100% ready-to-use.