Four Seasons Biyo Dermatology

Four Seasons Biyo Dermatology

Kanazawa Sannomiya Building 8FL, 6 Chome−6−1, Kanocho, Chuo Ward, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan, 650-0001

Why Regenerative Medicine?

I first became interested in bringing regenerative medicine to Four Seasons after hearing about CellBank and their work in cultivating fibroblast cells. I’d personally struggled with acne scars for a long time, after years of exploring unsuccessful treatments I was curious about the potential of regenerative medicine as a possible cure. After finally meeting with Dr. Hojo and learning about cell cultivation, I decided to bring regenerative medicine to Four Seasons.

Working With Cellbank

I wanted Four Seasons to work with CellBank specifically because of their commitment to cultivating live cells from patients. There have been a lot of cases of false advertising of “regenerative medicine” that uses supernatant fluid instead of cultivated cells. These treatments are usually ineffective. But CellBank uses live cultivated cells from each individual patient, so their anti-aging treatments are very successful. Since we started working with CellBank our patients can see results from just a single treatment with no risk of side effects or scarring. I’m very happy to be able to collaborate with CellBank and offer these treatments at Four Seasons.

What Our Patients Are Saying

A lot of people think regenerative medicine is expensive, but higher cost definitely reflects higher quality. Cells cultivated at CellBank offer long-lasting successful results, and our patients tell us they’re very satisfied with their treatments.