Matsumoto Clinic

Matsumoto Clinic

Soleil Ashiya 3FL, 13−16, Sanjo Minamimachi, Ashiya, Hyogo, Japan, 659-0086

Our Story

We’ve been interested in offering regenerative treatment options here at Matsumoto Clinic for about 4 years now. Unfortunately, we never had the chance to get officially licensed, but thanks to our friends at Kakinuma Medical we were able to connect with CellBank and finally pursue regenerative medicine at our clinic. Dr. Hojo’s guidance was a great help to us throughout our journey, and our collaboration with CellBank is letting us open new doors all across the medical field. Thanks to CellBank, we now offer cutting-edge dermal fibroblast and adipose-derived stem cell treatments for patients.

Connecting With Cellbank

Matsumoto Clinic’s connection with CellBank was a complete coincidence. It just so happened that a good friend of mine at Kakinuma Medical was doing research with Dr. Hojo, and that’s how I first learned about CellBank. It’s funny how things work out like that!

After meeting Dr. Hojo I knew he was someone I could count on. In fact, everyone at CellBank is very friendly and reliable. Dr. Hojo started the company on his own, but now there are almost 100 specialists working together to make regenerative medicine a reality at CellBank. Seeing that well-grounded group of people, I decided to collaborate with Dr. Hojo and bring regenerative medicine to Matsumoto Clinic.