Japan Wellness Saisei Clinic

Japan Wellness Saisei Clinic
(Wellness Beauty Clinic Osaka)

AD-Building Umeda 9FL, 2 Chome-15-29 Sonezaki, Kita Ward, Osaka, Japan, 530-0057

Why Regenerative Medicine?

We decided to bring regenerative medicine to our clinic because it offers the possibility of safe, effective and non-invasive treatment. We wanted to give our patients an alternative to surgeries that might otherwise be their only treatment option. Surgeries can be a costly concern for many patients, but regenerative treatments are affordable and low-risk. We thought the comparative benefits made regenerative medicine perfect for our clinic.

What Is A Cpc?

A good Cell Processing Center (CPC) is the core of regenerative medicine. A high-quality CPC needs to be safe and up-to-date, but stopping everything to set up a CPC puts the quality of treatment at risk. At Wellness Beauty Clinic, we think the best way to maintain a good, high-quality CPC is to always strive to maintain the highest-quality cultivation standards possible.

About Cellbank

CellBank is a highly successful cultivator of cultivated fibroblast cells. With their highly specialized CPC, CellBank is truly one of the most reliable providers of high-quality regenerative medicine.

Working With Cellbank

Q. How did CellBank’s support system help you bring regenerative medicine to your clinic?

CellBank’s support system was very helpful. The process was very smooth and easy to follow. Thanks to CellBank, we were easily able to bring regenerative medicine to our clinic.