Why CellBank?

Why collaborate with CellBank? As the pioneer of regenerative skincare we work hard to provide an extensive support system for our partners across the country with the most affordable services in the industry. Our ties to the Certified Special Committee for Regenerative Medicine make it easy to bring groundbreaking new treatments to your clinic.

Cultivate your future in regenerative medicine with CellBank.

Low Cost, High Quality

It takes a lot to run an efficient Cell Processing Center – construction and maintenance alone can cost billions of yen, but these expenses are absolutely essential for high quality cell cultivation. At CellBank our high-standard cell cultivation technology makes regenerative treatments affordable and accessible.

With The Highest Standards Of Cultivation
And Perfect Follow-up Care,
CellBank Is The Pioneer
Of Regenerative Medicine

Institutional support has been a core part of our business at CellBank for over 17 years. We believe regenerative medicine is a collaborative effort. From legal applications to facility management, we offer comprehensive support to our partners at every step of the way.

Comprehensive Support

CellBank has now partnered with over 50 clinics to provide cutting-edge regenerative treatments across the nation. From business and legal assistance to carefully cultivated cells, our comprehensive support system makes regenerative treatments possible for patients all over Japan.

High Quality Cells

Each year CellBank cultivates cells for about 3600 patients. Our Cell Processing Center is the largest in Japan at 298.82㎡ with the highest standards of cell cultivation in the nation. With careful quality assurance at the genetic level, we provide high quality cells for the most effective regenerative treatments.

Collaboration With The Certified Special Committee For Regenerative Medicine

According to the Act on the Safety of Regenerative Medicine there are 3 main types of regenerative treatment practices. Type 3 treatment practices must be reviewed by the Certified Committee for Regenerative Medicine, while Type 2 and Type 1 require an even higher level of careful review by the Certified Special Committee for Regenerative Medicine.

Both of these committees are made up of medical experts, but they have different levels of specialization. Members of the Certified Special Committee are the most distinguished medical professionals in Japan.

At CellBank we even offer assistance for clinics applying to this unique and highly specialized committee.