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High Operating Power Makes Regenerative Medicine Affordable With CellBank

Institutional support has been a core part of our business at CellBank for over 17 years.
We’ve always believed regenerative medicine is a collaborative effort. From legal applications to facility management, we offer comprehensive support to our partners at every step of the way.

*Running an efficient CPC can cost billions of yen and raise the price of cultivation and other cell services. At CellBank our high-standard cultivation technology makes it easy to produce high quality cells at a low cost, making regenerative treatments affordable and accessible.

Our Services

Application Support

With the Act on the Safety of Regenerative Medicine, legal compliance is a big part of safe and effective regenerative treatments. We make it easy for clinics to manage legal documents and applications to the Certified Special Committee For Regenerative Medicine.

Stress-Free Support Services

  • ・Consulting For Regenerative Medicine Provision Plans
  • ・Support For Committee Inspections
  • ・Meeting Application Requirements
  • ・Help With Any Other Application Procedures

Frequently Asked Questions

Operational Support
From Inspections to Proper Tissue Sample Handling

With access to our Accredited Cell Processing Center and comprehensive institutional training, we provide everything you need to offer regenerative treatments at your clinic.

  • ・Collaboration With Our Accredited CPC
  • ・Access To High-End Equipment
  • ・Training support for medical specialists and nurses
  • ・Periodical regenerative medicine reports

Our Support Center
Comprehensive Support 365 Days A Year

Our Support Center is available to answer questions 365 days a year (excluding the New Years Holiday).

From proper handling of tissue samples and cell cultivation requests, to technical and operational concerns, our Support Center is here to help make regenerative medicine easy for our partner clinics.

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Every Day
10:00~19:00 (Excluding New Years)

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism in Japan is worth almost 550 billion yen, with nearly 430,000 foreign patients seeking treatments. Many patients are now coming to Japan for advanced regenerative treatments, and patients from China are expected to be a big part of the growing international market for regenerative medicine in the coming years.

We’re working with our partners to bring regenerative treatments to foreign residents and traveling patients as part of our goal to make regenerative medicine more accessible.

Bringing Regenerative Medicine To Your Clinic

Partner Clinics

Regenerative Medicine Provision Plan

  • ・Consulting
  • ・Insurance
  • ・Meet With Certified (Special) Committee For Regenerative Medicine



Approval By Minister Of Health, Labor and Welfare

Services From CellBank

  • Accredited Cell
  • Careful
  • Long-Term

Regenerative Medicine At Your Clinic


How Long Does It Take To Implement Regenerative Medicine?
The full implementation process generally takes about 3 months, but it can vary depending on the location of your clinic, the treatments you’ll be offering, and when you submit your application.

Bringing Regenerative Medicine To Your Clinic

What Kinds Of Technical Support Does CellBank Offer?

Submitting Your Provision Plan To The MHLW

  • ・Drafting your Provision Plan
  • ・Applying to the Certified Special Committee for Regenerative Committee (from application to inspection)

Informative Lectures To Prepare Your Staff

  • ・Technical skills and training for physicians + technicians
  • ・Long-term assistance through our Support Center

Cell Services

  • ・Cultivation, preservation and delivery of cells for treatment
How Much Does It Cost To Provide Regenerative Medicine?
Costs vary from clinic to clinic. Please contact us for a detailed estimate.
If We Apply To The Certified Special Committee For Regenerative Medicine, Are We Guaranteed Approval After The First Inspection?
Most applications to the Committee do pass the first inspection, but in some cases additional inspections may be required. (*About 95% of applicants are approved after the first inspection based on past applications)
Is There A Designated Committee For Regenerative Medicine?
We can connect you with the Certified Special Committee for Regenerative Medicine.
I Run A Clinic And Am Interested In Providing Regenerative Treatments. How Can I Bring Regenerative Medicine To My Clinic?
Please contact us directly for details about the implementation process. We will be happy to assist you!

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