About The Position

Providing Regenerative Treatments

In The New Field Of Regenerative Medicine

At CellBank, we work to contribute to a healthy, energetic society by providing the benefits of universalized regenerative medicine through a reliable cell depository system, building on the breakthroughs of cosmetic regenerative skin treatments and expanding our research to treatments for nerves, blood vessels, and beyond.

Work Where We Can Contribute To Patients

Supplemental skin therapies use skin tissue samples taken from the patient to cultivate active dermal fibroblasts, which are then returned to the body to rejuvenate weakened, aging skin.
CellBank’s cultivation technology is nearly identical to the regenerative skin techniques used to treat burns and other skin injuries. All of our cells are carefully handled under the direct supervision of a physician at specialized Cell Processing Centers established in cooperation with our partner medical institutions. To ensure safe and effective cultivation, we maintain an extensive quality inspection regimen, performing individual identification tests and ensuring that cells have not been exposed to microbial contaminants before they are delivered to our partner institutions for treatment. Taking great care with each and every patient’s cells, CellBank is a leading provider of some of the most effective treatments in modern medicine throughout the country.