What Is CellBank?

Here at CellBank we cultivate and preserve cells for regenerative skin treatments. Our skin cells naturally decrease after we reach our 20’s. But regenerative medicine makes it possible to replenish those lost cells and keep your skin looking young and healthy. Our cell storage service makes regenerative treatments possible at any time by carefully preserving healthy skin cells.

What Are Skin Cells?

Dermal fibroblasts (skin cells) make up most of our skin. Healthy skin cells give our skin its elasticity and texture.

Can Cells Only Be Used For Treatment In The Future?

Regenerative treatments are possible at any time. We all lose healthy skin cells as we get older, so there’s no need to wait for treatment. The earlier you pursue regenerative skincare, the longer you’ll be able to enjoy healthy, youthful skin.

Why Should I Preserve My Cells Now?

Regenerative skin treatments can help replenish lost skin cells at any time, and the earlier you preserve your cells, the longer you’ll be able to keep your skin young and healthy. Regenerative skin treatments have been shown to be highly effective in the US with clinical approval by the FDA (equivalent to the MHLW here in Japan). CellBank offers effective long-term treatment options with official accreditation by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Consider the possibilities of cell preservation:

  • ●Supplemental treatments for consistently healthy skin
  • ●Treatment with youthful cells even after decades

Can I Use A Donor’s Cells For Treatment?

No, regenerative treatments are only possible with your own cells. Each person has their own unique genes, even close relatives. Because everyone’s cells are different, treatment can only be done using your own cultivated cells.